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Look at all this bacon!

Comfort and Style: How a Pig Started the World's Best T-Shirt Site

Posted by Kevin on Dec 3rd 2018

Comfort and Style: How a Pig Started the World's Best T-Shirt Site

Every piglet has a childhood dream of what they want to do when they’re a full-grown hog. Some want to race stock cars, some want to put out barn fires, some want to raise little squirming piglets of their own. As long as I can remember, I’ve had a dream, too, and that dream is to fly. Wings, rockets, autogyros, ekranoplans, supermans: whatever it took, I wanted to feel nothing but air beneath my tiny cloven pig feet. I was separated from my rounder (a “rounder” is herd of pigs, for you non-pig-rearing folk) when I was just a wee piglet, and raised by ducks, in possibly the least likely origin story ever told, and so flying was something everyone around me could do, and I just couldn’t.

But, okay, you’re probably not here about that dream. You’re probably here about the shirts. Sorry, I just get carried away.

Any piglet who wants to fulfill a life’s dream has to pay for the dream somehow, and since pigs are almost always legally forbidden from robbing banks, a lot of us start businesses. One day, while lying in the mud, crusty dirt on my delicate pigskin, I wondered: would people be interested in shirts that maybe didn’t feel like dirt? Comfy shirts. Quality shirts. Shirts that were well-made. Maybe even had clever designs on them, instead of just mud. Premium shirts with personality. Comfort and style.

And so here we are today. Several dozen designs later, Flying Bacon - that’s us - is financing my dream of porcine flight (“porcine” means “of or pertaining to pigs”, for all you non-pig-rearing folk) by selling premium tees with spectacular designs, carefully curated by our staff of tastemakers, influencers, and slightly bizarre weirdos to be the awesomest shirts available on the internet today. The only shirts that are more awesome than the ones we have today are the ones we’ll have tomorrow.

There are a lot of choices out there in the t-shirt market right now, we know. Seems like any pig with a printer thinks they can open a shirt shop, selling cheap shirts with whatever random design they can spit out, but that’s not us. We want to make shirts you’ll actually wear, over and over, not just cash cows that disintegrate the first time you wash them.

We start with superior tees. We use only 60% combed ring-spun cotton with 40% polyester, so it's as soft on your delicate pigskin as mine. Then we pick the best designs from today’s hottest graphic artists - and you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, ‘cause we’re taking that next level soon - and print them direct-to-garment, made-to-order, just-for-you.

We’re not stuffy and boring. We’re not so big we can’t afford to take chances, but we’re not so small we can’t offer quality support. Our selection isn’t just a shotgun of ideas, hoping you’ll want some of it; our artists aren’t random people puking out designs hoping one will stick. We pick every design carefully - and hey, if you think you can do better, contact us, yo. You could be our next featured artist!

Check out our selection. Get some of our shirts. See and feel the difference in quality. And while you’re at it, make my dreams of flight come true, because aviation isn’t cheap, particularly when you’re a pig.