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Look at all this bacon!


  1. Where are you located?
  2. Why do I have to wash my shirt after I get it?
  3. How should I wash my shirt, then?
  4. What is pretreat?
  5. What is DTG printing?
  6. How do you handle shipping?
  7. What about returns?
  8. How old is Kevin?

Where are you located?

Like, me personally? No, of course that's not what you're asking, because that'd be weird. You're asking about Flying Bacon, as a company, and we're happy and proud to say we're located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is at least four times more awesome than you think, even if you already think it's pretty awesome. It's a great city to live in, and maybe even a better place to work. We're talking art museums, botanical gardens (with its own spectacular outdoor performance venue!), so many incredible breweries that it's called Beer City USA, and a massive park system that stretches to the city limits and beyond, and connects to trail systems across the state. Plus a huge and growing economy that employs not just us and our families, but hundreds of thousands of families across the state, focusing in the health care, furniture, and automotive fields, but healthy enough to support innovative new industries like, say, vape juice manufacturing and short-run printing, too. An incredible city, surrounded by farmland, ringed in wilderness: we love it, and we think you would, too!

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Why do I have to wash my shirt after I get it?

So, all of our shirts are printed using something called Direct-to-Garment (or "DTG") printing. Because we want your shirts to look and feel their best, and last as long as possible, we pre-treat them before printing on them, and the pre-treat makes the fabric not quite as soft and supple as the amazing shirts we use. A good wash, though, and that pre-treat is out, and you've got the sharpest, most comfortable shirt possible.

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How should I wash my shirt, then?

We're not saying to ignore the manufacturer's instructions for care, but if you want to get the longest life out of your Flying Bacon shirts, we recommend washing even more conservatively than the manufacturer recommends. We're talking machine wash cold, inside-out, gentle cycle, with similar colors. No bleach, and a gentle detergent. Either tumble-dry on low, or hang-dry. You don't have to be this careful, but we want you to be able to wear your Flying Bacon shirt as long as possible. If you're going to buy more shirts from us, we'd rather it be because you love our shirts, not because you've worn the old one out!

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What is pretreat?

It's magic. A tiny film of magic that makes our shirts brighter and last longer, and keeps the colors from going muddy. Think of it like primer when you're painting: it prepares the surface to take our special inks, and gives them a nice flat surface to lie on, so they're sharp and bright.

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What is DTG printing?

DTG stands for "Direct-to-Garment", and it's how we can sell you shirts of this quality for these prices, without making you buy 500 at a time. Our buddies at Overtone Ink use screenprinting for most of their designs, and while the results are just as impressive, it only makes sense when you're making a ton of the same shirts. Screenprinting prints one color at a time on a shirt, pushing ink through a screen and a stencil, like spray-painting a design onto a wall. DTG printing, on the other hand, works more like your color printer at home: it uses jets of ink to print detailed, colorful, vivid images directly onto the fabric, no screens and stencils needed.

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How do you handle shipping?

We've got a whole page of the site dedicate to just that: our Shipping & Returns page!

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What about returns?

Seriously, we've got a whole page of the site dedicate to just that: our Shipping & Returns page!